RANDOM FOREST is a boutique early-stage fund. We focus on market disruptive ventures, based on cutting-edge Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies. Along with our in-house algorithm team and experienced partners, we provide a unique offering of support to those startups we choose to invest in.



The partners of Random Forest are experienced former executives of companies in which  Machine Learning was a key factor in their success. Harnessing our broad entrepreneurial, technological and operational experience, we established a boutique venture creation foundry with a special focus on Artificial Intelligence.

Michael Kerbis, Founder
Founder and Former CEO of PONTIS (acquired by Amdocs)

Zeevi Bregman, Founder
Former CEO of NICE Systems (NASDAQ NICE)

Gideon Bar Sinai, Founder

Former CEO of FINAL (An algo-trading

industry leader)

Omer Shamir

MAMRAM (IDF unit) alumnus, M.Sc. in Mathematics, algo-trading entrepreneur

Joav Orovitz

Ph.D. in Mathematics (Functional analysis)

Raz Sluzky

Ph.D. in Mathematics (Functional analysis)

Random Forest’s In-house Machine Learning Brain Power
Our industry-leading AI experts implement start-up proof-of-concept research projects and rigorous screening methodology to achieve a superior hit rate. Our unique team provides us with in-depth analysis to enhance our due-diligence process, as well as provides expert technology services to those we invest in, elevating their technology to achieve success.


Random Forest’s uniqueness stems from the following principles:​

  • Focus on market-disruptive innovations based on Machine Learning

  • Partner with industry and academic leading experts

  • Team-up with exceptional entrepreneurs, providing hands-on support and guidance

We invest in ventures with superior technologies at their very early stage of formation, led by extraordinary entrepreneurs who are passionate about disrupting the market in which they operate. We support entrepreneurs with Machine Learning development services to accelerate their development, allowing their venture to enjoy faster growth.

Unique Technology Leads to Unique Valuation

Unique Technology Leads to Unique Valuation



Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies are revolutionizing industries and services worldwide. Propelled by the availability of massive data, high-level processing power, and the remarkable algorithmic progress achieved over the past few years, more and more business opportunities in diverse fields are opening up. In particular, Israel has become a major center for ML initiatives.

We have witnessed many success stories of Israeli startups that have unleashed the power of ML to a variety of technologies and businesses. As AI continues to be the main technological innovation engine, entrepreneurs who disrupt their industries will be the big winners of tomorrow.




Random Forest’s target investments are startup companies with market-disruption vision based on AI and Machine Learning technologies


Our network of leading AI experts in the fields of Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing and Predictive Modeling, empowers our portfolio companies through professional consultancy.


Random Forest Foundry invests in startups with a potential to disrupt their market with AI-based technology. Our unique team-up approach makes the difference in early stage investment.

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We are constantly looking for talented AI experts to enhance our partners and our research teams

Now hiring:

Data Scientist

  • PHD or MSc. in Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Statistics or Engineering from top universities.

  • Experience in Machine-Learning or other Data Mining technologies

  • Excellent problem-solving capabilities with critical thinking skills

  • Enthusiastic and passionate for futuristic technology discoveries



TEL: 050-4785552   netta@randomforestvc.com

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